Frequently asked questions about commission based property management and how everything works with Prime Management Agency

There is no fixed price , depends from a lot of variables but normally its between 15%  and 25% of monthly income . in this way our customers can be sure that we are trying to make most of them property so more they earn more we earn as well . In other words its our best interested to make sure that our customers are making most possible money . 

It depends from your property. if its furnished or no if any changes has to be done or if everything is good and ready to go. This question we can answer to you once we have visited  your property . Ideal scenario we can get up and running in 1-2 days .

We do manage all kind of properties . If you have villa ,apartment , or small studio it doesn’t matter you can count on us Prime Management will take care of it ! 

Yes if you have more then one property we can negotiate rate . 

Most important is Tourism license for your property , but if you don’t have one we can help you to apply for it through our legal partners . Beside this property has to be insured , which is normal for all the properties . 

If you choose our Autopilot plan we do everything for you , you don’t need to do anything after we take over your home you just need to sit back and relax !

Yes we can do that . But we always recommend to go for autopilot plan , we are professionals and we now how to make more out of your holiday home , we  make sure there is no money left on the table .  But if you decided to do it yourself it’s great and we are ready to help you  !

Yes every property owner gets his own private secure login to our system to see what dates are booked , and which dates are free .

Yes if you decided to spend some time in your property that’s no problem with us once we verify the dates are free we block them for you and you are welcome to stay there . There is no limits or obligations about it , in the end of the day most of property owners purchase holiday home to spend some quality time there and relax.

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